Chapter 1: Add a front-end

After completing the previous lesson, the sCrypt contract portion of our TicTacToe dApp is ready. Next we need to add a front-end so that users can play the TicTacToe game in a browser.

Since the focus of this course is on sCrypt, we assume you are already familiar with front-end development, and will not cover them.


The front-end interface of the dApp will be created using Create React App.

npx create-react-app tic-tac-toe --template typescript

Or directly clone the tic-tac-toe repo that we have created. The onlyweb branch of this repository contains a tic-tac-toe game that does not integrate sCrypt, only the front-end code. We assume that you already have basic knowledge of front-end development, so we won't spend time introducing this part of the code.

Clone this project and switch to the onlyweb branch.

git clone -b onlyweb

Install the sCrypt SDK

The sCrypt SDK - sCrypt enables you to easily compile, test, deploy, and call contracts.

Use the scrypt-cli command line tool to install the SDK.

cd tic-tac-toe && npx scrypt-cli init

This will also add all scaffolding needed for contract development.

Compile the contract

First put the TicTacToe contract we wrote in the previous lesson into the src/contracts directory. Run the following command to compile the contract:

npx scrypt-cli compile

You should see an artifact file tictactoe.json in the artifacts directory. It can be used to initialize a contract at the front end.

import { TicTacToe } from './contracts/tictactoe'; import artifact from '../artifacts/tictactoe.json'; TicTacToe.loadArtifact(artifact);

Put it to the test

Import the contract artifact file tictactoe.json in index.tsx, and load it.