Chapter 5: Inscribe Text

1. Introduction:

The ordinalText.tsx file contains a React component named OrdinalText. This component is designed to facilitate the inscription of text using the OrdiNFTP2PKH class from the scrypt-ord library. Let's break down the key features of this component.

2. Component Breakdown:

useState: Initializes the result state variable to store the outcome of the text inscription operation.

useRef: Creates a ref text to access the text input element.

connected: A function that checks whether the user is connected.

Result Handling: Sets the result state with the inscription ID or an error message if the input value is undefined.

Error Handling: Catches any errors that occur during the inscription process, logs them, and sets the result state with the error message.

Value Retrieval: Retrieves the text value from the input field using the text ref.

Navigation: Redirects to the home page using Navigate if the user is not connected.

Typography: Displays a heading for the "Inscribe Text" section.

Text Input Field: Provides a Material-UI TextField for user input.

Inscribe Button: A button that triggers the mint function. It is disabled if the user is not connected.

Result Display: Conditionally displays the result below the button if there is a result.

3. Inscribe:

mint Function: An asynchronous function responsible for handling the inscription process.

OrdiNFTP2PKH Instance: Creates an instance of OrdiNFTP2PKH using the provided _ordiAddress.

Connect to Signer: Connects to the signer using await instance.connect(signer).

Inscribe Text: Calls instance.inscribeText(value) to inscribe the text and obtains the inscription transaction ID.

Put it to the test

  1. Call inscribeText method of the instance to inscribe a text.

Complete code at Github